Who's Breaking

the 80-Second Wall?

The key questions before Saturday's first Challenger: Will a Swiss racer or the Hungarian professional Benjamin Badér win? And: does anyone manage to beat the 1:20.00 limit on the Monza circuit? 

Since the opening of the Racing Lounge

in Cham, four drivers have remained

below 1:21.00: 

DriverLap time (Monza)
Simon Benoit1:20.207
Fabian Heggli1:20.389
Roy Ricklin1:20.905
Benjamin Badér1:20.941
Shaun Vogel1:21.117

Shaun Vogel, also a favourite for Saturday's race, failed Wednesday in his attack on the best time by a narrow margin (1:21.117).

Benjamin Badér travels to Switzerland for the race and has booked some training sessions. The experienced Hungarian will be ready to challenge the Swiss Armada in the fight for the winner’s CHF 5000.00 prize money.

Prize money for the puszta man? Benjamin Badér is optimistic.