Next Challenge Highlight
- also with special guests

The high-quality race simulators "made in Maranello" are ready. You can start with the next highlight.With the 6th and penultimate race of the season for the Swiss Formula-V Championship, the popular, always exciting and fascinating Challenge is entering the final straight!

In the Racing Lounge in Cham/ZG, surprise guests are also expected on Sunday for the race on the Red Bull Ring - more is not to be revealed at this point to our special guests. The Formula V Challenge will start on Sunday, November 10, 2019, from 9.00 a.m. The top qualifiers will first compete in qualifying races, the "hot laping", and then advance to the final via quarter and semi-finals. All according to the motto: Among the best, only the four fastest will fight for the day's victory in the end - and for the 5000 franc prize!

The Formula V team is looking forward to seeing you - and to another highlight.