Little Monte Carlo: Zurich Premiere with Hirsiger and Vogel 

The Allfina team made the simulators hum in Zurich's new Racing Lounge

The water of Lake Zurich shines silver-blue, a few seagulls circle in the sky, in the harbour Tiefenbrunnen the boats swing leisurely in the gentle waves. The simulators are humming in the new Formula V Racing Lounge. 

It's an atmosphere that you can usually experience in the sophisticated motorsport mecca of Monte Carlo. "I could have actually arrived by ship," says Felix Hirsiger laughing. The 21-year-old Racer from Erlenbach, leader in the overall ranking of the Swiss Championship, and his team Allfina Racing were given the opportunity to test the new locality the day before the start of operations. Team owner Norbert Klein is impressed: "This is exactly what we want: a perfect location, attractive infrastructure and a dignified bar that makes our sport accessible to the general public".

But Klein hardly has an eye for the gastronomic offer or the picturesque view. He closely observes Hirsiger's duel with his team mate Shaun Vogel: "The two are good business and private colleagues, but in the simulator they don't give each other a metre. Vogel and Hirsiger hardly look like racing drivers this afternoon. Shortly before they were at work, they sat down in front of the Star TV and Game TV camera team in a business look in the Evotek simulators.

Handshake after the first test in the Zurich Lounge: Shaun Vogel, Felix Hirsiger

For the unofficial premiere, the two Zurich-based team is choosing the Singapore circuit. The hierarchy is maintained. Hirsiger wins. For his toughest competitors in the race for the championship title, he has no good news: «Thanks to the new lounge, I will train even more often.»

Now also the public of the Zurich region can profit. The second Swiss Formula V Lounge opens today, Tuesday. If you want to experience the Monte Carlo feeling in Zurich (or if you just want to drop by for a drink), the Meylenstein Event Location (near Tiefenbrunnen railway station) is the place for you. And if you don't arrive by ship, you even have free parking available.

Thomas Renggli, Zurich

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