What is Racing Unleashed Challenge?

Racing Unleashed Challenge is a SIM-Racing-League that offers digital auto racing at the highest level. The races compete on high-tech simulators from Racing Unleashed AG.

What is the mission of Racing Unleashed?

Racing Unleashed wants to offer racing for all. Racing Unleashed promotes SIM-Racing through professional structures, competitions and prize money.   

How can I participate in the races?

Any racer from the age of 13 and above and a minimum height of 1.55 m can qualify for the races. Each race has a maximum of 64 participants. The training can be done in the Racing Lounge or via the PC (online). To qualify for the races, the racer needs a lap time, that must be recorded in the simulator in Racing Unleashed racing lounge in Cham or Zurich


+41 (0)58 201 90 29

How can I train to compete in the Racing Unleashed Challenge?

For the online training you need the game Asseto Corsa and the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack.

Links PC (Steam):

Download Asseto Corsa

Download Asseto Corsa Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack

On which platforms can I train?

On the PC and in the Racing Unleashed simulators in the Racing Lounges in Cham and Zurich.

Which control systems may be used?

All available control systems can be used for the online and the official Racing Unleashed simulators in the Racing Lounges.

What is the format for Racing Unleashed Challenge?

Every month, 64 drivers can qualify for the Challenge Series via a time trial (the fastest lap time will count) on a predefined track and settings. The first race will be held on 25 May 2019 at the Racing Unleashed Racing Lounge in Cham on Racing Unleashed simulators. The four fastest drivers will compete in a race for the prize money for ranks 1, 2 and 3.

How do I know if I qualified for the monthly finals?

Once all results are in, emails will be sent out to the qualified drivers by Racing Unleashed. Racing Unleashed is constantly publishing the ranking with the best lap times. 

What is there to win in Racing Unleashed?

Challenger Series: CHF 5000.00, 3000.00, 1000.00 for the first three winners. CHF 30'000.00 for the winner of the final tournament (Swiss Champion) - the top-ranked driver from the seven qualifying races. 

Is there a minimum age and a minimum height for participation?

Participants must be aged 13 years or above and should have a minimum height of 1.55 m.

Which routes are driven?

The first race takes place on the digitized track of Monza. 

Who should I contact in case of ambiguity or technical problems?

Write a support ticket at the following e-mail address:

I suspect a participant is using dishonest means - what can I do?

Describe the situation in a support ticket and include all available evidence. An administrator will then take care of the case.

I have feedback/suggestion, how can I send them?

We look forward to receiving constructive feedback! Send us your suggestions to the following e-mail address: