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Challenger League

The Challenger League is the place where the Racing Unleashed Amateurs compete. Everyone can show how fast they are and where they stand in comparison to others. The simpler driving mode gives a little more leeway and allows less experienced racers to compete for victory and the title in the Challenger League.

Competion Challenge Finale 14
Challenge Finale 41
Challenge Finale 30
Challenge Finale 24
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How can I join the Challenger League?

Joining the Challenger League is very easy: As soon as the event is visible on the Racing Unleashed application, you register for a seat in one of the Racing Lounges. As this is done, you will be contacted by us and receive all the information about the challenge. The current rule is "First come - First served": Whoever registers for the start first will secure the place - regardless of their own performance. This way we want to make sure that everybody has the chance to take part in our race.

Fight for points and prices

As in the Racer League, all racers compete for points and prize money in the Challenger League too. The 10 fastest Racers will receive points and prize money in descending order.

Since transparency is very important to us, we want to communicate all prize money openly.

Rank Points Price money
1 25 CHF 300
2 18 CHF 150
3 15 CHF 100
4 12 CHF 80
5 10 CHF 60
6 8 CHF 40
7 6 CHF 20
8 4 CHF 15
9 2 CHF 10
10 1 CHF 5

Rules & Regulations Challenger League

The Mode

In the Racer League all Racers drive in mode 4, without any driving aids and with the full motorsport feeling.

El Modo

En la Challenger League el modo 2 se maneja con transmisión manual, ABS y ASR.

Hand key
The Locations

The individual Challenges take place at all locations at the same time. The Racers are divided among them.

Los Puntos

Los puntos serán otorgados directamente después de la Challenge y serán visibles en el sitio web. ¿Quién cogerá los 25?

The Points

The points will be awarded directly after the race and will be visible on the website. Who will grab the 25?

Los simuladores

Todos los simuladores están interconectados y se reúnen en la pista virtual. ¡Así que todos los racers están en la pista al mismo tiempo!

The Simulators

All simulators are interconnected and meet on the virtual track. So all racers are on the track at the same time!

La dirección de la carrera

La dirección de la carrera está centralizada en un sitio y controla todo el evento desde allí. Es el único punto de contacto para todos los corredores.

The Race Control

The race control is centrally located at one site and regulates everything from there. It is the single point of contact for all racers.

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Los stewards

Los stewards están en el mismo lugar que la dirección de la carrera y se aseguran de que todo se haga correctamente.

Business people
The Stewards

The stewards are at the same location as the Race Control and make sure that everything is done properly.


Season 2019

Last year s Challenge started in May and lasted until the beginning of 2020. It brought us some sensational fights, spectacular action, and two outstanding champions. On the one hand side Felix Hirsiger, last year's overall season winner and on the other hand Michal Smidl, the winner of the Seasonfinals. Both will compete in the Racer League this season.

Are your ready to join the Challenger League?

Register now as a racer and sign up for the next round of the Challenger League. The first participation is free!